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Specific introduction of three ethylene propylene rubber seal

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The three ethylene propylene rubber sealing strip is made of ethylene and propylene, which are copolymerized by solution. The third monomer (ENB) is introduced. Three ethylene propylene rubber sealing strip is basically a kind of saturated polymer. It has good aging resistance, good weather resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good chemical corrosion resistance and good impact elasticity.
Here are some comments on the sealing strip from the material, design and dimensional tolerances of EPDM:
The importance of the first material
Now most energy-saving doors and windows use EPDM rubber material, EPDM is ethylene, propylene and a small amount of third monomer copolymer, three ethylene propylene rubber international name for short for short EPDM, EPDM rubber has excellent anti sun UV, weatherability (use life and windows and doors and windows), heat-resistant aging, high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, resistance Chemical media, water resistance, good electrical affinity and flexibility, and other physical and mechanical properties. Also known as crack free rubber, is the world's most recognized product of the best material for sealing products.
The main physical properties and technical parameters are as follows:
The market is now full of a large number of fake EPDM seals, and the slogan of a part of the manufacturer is the seal of how much money the customer needs. What grade of sealing strips can be produced, EPDM seals per kilogram, even a few yuan per kilogram of EPDM seals, only a little EP in the production of the seal. DM as a product of EPDM sealing strip, it is well known that EPDM rubber is the most important formula, if the formula is not required, EPDM property is not guaranteed, its superior performance is only empty words, and a few yuan or more than ten yuan of EPDM seal, the formula cost is not to the real value of the real EPDM requirements, can not have EPDM The superior performance of windows and doors fails to meet the expectations of windows and doors system. It can not guarantee the three standards and energy-saving standards of doors and windows, and can not achieve qualified energy-saving doors and windows.

Second the importance of design ability.
It is very important to adjust the formula, according to the physical property of the formula (such as hardness, pressure change), qualitative and quantitative theory to design the die of sealing strip, which is very important. Otherwise, the good glue has no reasonable shape design, and it can not give full play to the advantages of EPDM. For example, the design of an equal pressure seal, first of the profile and sample The window is first measured to understand the system structure of the profile and the degree of matching between the profile and hardware. The measurement value is measured. If the defects of the profile and hardware need to be made up, the value of the defects will be taken into account in the design quantity, then the optimum design is carried out according to the material property value of the material, and the optimum design is not carried out in the key position. It can reduce the weight of rice in order to achieve the goal of reducing the cost of customers. Many manufacturers with weak design ability do not understand the door and window system, blindly imitate and do not consider the matching amount of the profiles and hardware. The sealed strips designed can not complete the sealing performance of the doors and windows very well, only the function of the decoration strip. It has caused great economic and reputation losses to doors and windows manufacturers.
Third the importance of dimensional tolerance.
To adjust the formula and make a good design of the seal, only to ensure the basic quality of the product, the control of the dimensional tolerance is the important standard to measure the production capacity of a manufacturer, which is high and low. Seal size size is different, can be seen directly with the naked eye, feel with the sense of hand, the uneven size of the doors and windows, there will be some local tight, some places loose, sealing strips and sections of some places flashing gaps, or just a period of time after three yuan ethylene propylene rubber seal off the profile, this Most of the heat energy of the windows and doors has been lost through the gap. How can we make the windows and doors have excellent three standards and energy saving and thermal insulation performance? A lot of energy-saving doors and windows leak, and this reason has a great relationship. The manufacturers with high production skills are generally carrying out the strict quality system of the three EPR rubber seal, which are the key dimensions of the product measurement. When the products are made, the staff will focus on the measurement and control these key dimensions.
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